Barack Obama has won a second term. 4 more  years to prove his vision.

It’s not often you can whole-heartedly get behind a politician. But when somebody such as Obama comes along, and with a sense of creativity, vision and passion commands respect around the world, leads a nation, and importantly does it with a sense of fun, then it’s difficult to not get behind them.

I only wish that politicians around the world learn from him. No, he’s not perfect, he doesn’t pretend to be and neither are we, or the citizens of America whom he represents.

This speech is beautifully written, smoothly delivered, and with gusto and passion… take time over your lunch to watch it if you’ve not seen it already.

Feel inspired…

If you wish to read the full transcript of the speech, or can’t see the video. Below is what Obama said on his re-election victory speech… Click “Read the rest of this entry »”

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