Image via and copyright 2011 Apple Computers Inc. Steve Jobs died on 5th October 2011 from Cancer

Yes, It was a sad wake-up text on an iPhone about the death of Steve Jobs. Saviour of Pixar. Executive producer of Toy Story. Visionary for all modern 3D animation. And the man who had majority control over Disney as their largest shareholder. Facts which mean much to me, and lost in the obviousness of Apple.

Without Steve, there would be no Pixar, no Toy Story (he produced it too), no Finding Nemo, no Monsters Inc. – you get the idea. He brought joy to mine and millions of lifes through those creations. For sure he’s done all the other stuff in pioneering the single most iconic technology brand the world’s seen, but it’s easy to forget those other few, but joyful facts when remembering the founder, and re-saviour of Apple Computers.

Jobs wasn’t the actual creator who drew Nemo, Woody or any of the others. He was the man who had the vision necessary to make those stories come to life. It was his passion. Not just an investor, his ability to see the opportunities as Pixar evolved is yet further proof of what a visionary figure Steve Jobs was.

So for all of you, and in honour of Steve, here’s how that iconic Pixar logo began, and the video that started it all – and below that a groundbreaking short that, for the first time, animated bendable human arms and knees in 3D CGI. It tells the story of a loyal toy willing to sacrifice itself for a child, and getting jealous when it seems to have been replaced. It just MAY ring a few bells…