John Lewis unveil their new 2012 Christmas ad

John Lewis have a rich tradition on the run up to Christmas, their Christmas ads amassing adoration, hits and tears with emotive, touching narrative.

John Lewis’ 2010 advert tore hearts apart with the touching final scene of a boy’s love and gift to his pet, and last year’s 2011 advert won the hearts and minds of millions, with the story of a young boy seemingly impatient for Christmas and the stacks of presents under his family’s tree… yet, on Christmas day, we find out he was simply wanting to give a gift of his own to his mum and dad.



This year’s 2012 John Lewis Christmas ad – set to a cover of Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s ‘Power of Love’ sung by Gabrielle Aplin –  largely removes the human element and nostalgia of childhood, and creates a weak love story with a Snowman. The 2012 ad feels rushed in comparison. It’s got a beautiful sentiment, but the advert crassly jumps from scene to scene, until he returns to his Miss Snowman with a gift from JL. Nice idea in principle, but it looses the heart-felt connection with family, home and reality which the previous two adverts had, and left me feeling cold, if you’ll excuse the pun.

We were taken on an emotional journey with the last two John Lewis Christmas ads, and whilst this one does the same, this one is too obvious, and lacks the same theatre.

Christmas is about giving, which is a theme retained, but it’s about childhood and nostalgia. Which this ad only briefly touches on.

Watch the new John Lewis 2012 Christmas ad here…


So what did you feel? Did it leave you cold and frosty? Or did it melt your heart? Let me know in the comments box below.