What others say:

“Graham has unique ability to take the germ of an idea and quite simply make it happen. No challenge is too large or too small. Nothing is beneath him. Everything is taken on with the same endeavor, vitality and desire to create something that will knock your socks off! first time, every time. His hands on digital knowhow and impeccable attitude to exceed expectation is as refreshing as it is rewarding. He’s Ingenious infact!”
John Mason, Managing Director & co-founder of Ingenious Ideas

“A genuine pleasure to work with, Graham’s enthusiasm, commitment and passion are highly contagious and a positive influence on the whole team. He has a constant hunger for knowledge and an inspiring love of sharing but when it comes to visualizing thoughts and ideas in clear and compelling ways he really stands out from his peers. He also makes a great cup of coffee.”
Alec EastFounder of THBOOM!

“Graham is a very enthusiastic individual and passionate about his work. He shows great attention to detail and executes his thoughts in a very strategic design methodology. I would have no hesitation in recommending him on any digital or print based project.”
Jason Lannin, Director of Digital at Graymatter.

“Instantly likeable, creatively and digitally aware, Graham developed into a key member of the creative team delivering a consistently high standard of creative solutions that always challenge convention. Graham would be a great asset to any organisation that employs him. I hope to have the opportunity of working with him again in the future.
Rob ButterfieldManaging Director BMB.

“Graham researches new technologies and grasps them very well. Because of this he has a fantastic understanding of the physical constraints imposed in development and, astonishingly, more often than not I found Graham able to offer a solution to the developers. I often called upon him to help bridge the gap between creative from other designers and the constraints imposed during development. ”
Adrian Callaghan, Web Developer at BMB.

“Graham has helped drive BMB into the digital era, but can still handle print-based work. A great all-rounder. He’s always looking for new ways to do things and positively embraces change.”
Mike Saunders, Head of Production at BMB.

“I’ve worked with Graham for the last six years and have no hesitation in recommending him. He has developed into a very astute designer and art director with a complete understanding of how clients think and the contraints they work under. He has the ability to develop creative solutions which are always very well received. Graham is always a pleasure to work with.”
Charles Skillings, Account Director at BMB.

“Graham is as bright as a button, massively enthusiastic, full of energy… and is a very bright creative talent. His lateral thinking and highly original designer eye gave lots of our work the kick and buzz it needed to come alive and stand out from the crowd. And never a dull moment…”
Mike Johnson, Senior Freelance Copywriter.

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