As Dr Pepper would say, “What’s the worst that could happen?”

Tomorrow, at precicely 6am, I’ll be setting off for our Scouts’ Summer Camp in the Lake District. Going away sends me in to a panic. The questions which run through my mind are along the lines of have I packed my handgun? Have I left the bedroom window open? Did I put the dog out? Did I flush the toilet? Will Mrs Rickman still be fizzing with rage? All valid worries when off on a Scout camp.

But by far THE biggest worry, the one which sends me into a frantic panic worthy of a Starbucks closing down, is my blog. Where will the millions of followers go? Will I loose a following the size of Luton?

Well this year I don’t have to worry, as the legends of (Gr)adland, Adam + Dan, are guest blogging for you delectation. If you don’t know who Adam + Dan are (like you don’t) I’ve taken the time to write a bit about them, they’re

A young creative team from the Midlands now sleeping rough in London. We studied Advertising and Brand management at university and found our strengths in creative ideas, digital and social media.
We won a D&AD New Blood Award last year for our portfolio and a YCN Award in 2010. But as always, we're they're always on the hunt for more. We do have placements lined up but feel free to contact us for work in the mean time.
We both have a unhealthy, yet legal addiction to curry.

I’m very excited. As they’re BOTH more popular than me, and so the only real reason I’ve asked them is to get my hit rate up a little.

See you a week on Monday! x