It may be the lamest competition ever. But you WILL win something if you win. Here are the details:

You’ll win a chocolate bar – a mystery one of my choosing.
It will be posted.
It may get broken.
If the postman’s sack is hot, it may melt.
You can’t ask for a specific bar.
There is no cash alternative.
The winner will be my decission, and is final.
A winner can not be a winner if there’s only one result (so retweet it on Twitter).
If you have a nut allergy then you must specify if you win.
Please check the packaging for allergy and nutritional information before consumption.
I take no responsibility for any future weigh gain.
This competition and prize should be enjoyed as part of a healthy, balanced lifestyle.
Chocolate is not a meal replacement.
It does not count towards your five-a-day even if it’s Fruit & Nut.
I accept no responsibility for any death as a result of this competition.

Ok, legal over. Here’s the competition image:

Flickr Creative Commons willhowells e1262804679805