Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is an institution amongst a generation. A film which sets out what most of us lack the balls to do, but would want to. What we thought about doing during another Geography class on a wet Monday afternoon in School. So many scenes from that film are quotable, iconic nuggets in 80’s cinema.

It’s for that reason that Matthew Broderick’s staring role in an iconic scene from the original film, but now in his 40’s, sparked so much hype online last week. With many correctly predicting a Honda ad, the comments on Youtube rightly doubted that such a teaser would only be for a car…

Over Promise. Under deliver.

Surely the Ferris Bueller big idea lends itself to a car which you don’t NEED, but simply WANT. Not some shitty suburban family 4×4 thing. This is the excuse I need to buy a sports car.

The teaser, in my opinion, ruined it for Honda. They had millions of people wanting. Wanting a remake of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. So there was a gargantuan come-down when we all realised it was for a Honda ad. It quashed any nostalgia we’d have felt at seeing, and knowing the ad was for Honda if we’d have seen the full ad on Superbowl Sunday in full.

In essence, the feeling at seeing the final ad was one of dissapointmet. Quite the opposite of what ad Advert should be delivering. Dangling the carrot of an iconic 80’s classic remake, and delivering an ad for some unglamorous suburban family 4×4 is a mistake.

Honda – If you’re going to use the premise that “If you don’t stop and look around once in a whileyou could miss it.” Then don’t use Ferris to sell some crappy practical family car… surely that premise lends itself to a car which you don’t NEED, but simply WANT. That’s a marriage of a big idea.

How can I face work on a day like today? I’m now questioning this myself…