Facebook new profile timeline how to guide summary

Need to show your boss / friends / agency team you’re up to speed and knowledgable with the new Facebook changes from F8? Use my handy guide!

It’s the morning after, and many digital folk such as myself are waking up with a digital hangover. What changed between all that Apple-esque joviality?

No doubt there’s many detailed analysis of the new Facebook changes from F8. But here’s a Top-of-the-pops style countdown overview to summarise the changes:

1. Symbiotic sharing!
You’ll now be able to listen along, and watch stuff with your friends in real time! All without having to leave Facebook – thanks to new partnerships Facebook have agreed with the likes of Spotify and Netflix etc. What your friends are listening to will appear on their profiles and pop up in a new fancy Ticker…

2. The Ticker.
All small-time and live updates info will going to a new Ticker. Meaning pointless crap about Farmville, what run you’ve done, how much weight you lost and check-ins will run in a ‘news style’ ticker instead. GOOD!

3. Timelines — a digital scrapbook of your life.
This will replace your current profile page. Still a snapshot of you, this new design is designed to encourage better sharing – and is a response to the audiences’ increased age. Baby photos, places which mean things, all added to a timeline that compresses the info the further back in time you go so only important stuff is on there. Not every single thing you’ve done!

4. The Like button concept will develop.
The ‘Like’ will become a whole suite of verbs. I “Read” this I “Listened” to that, I “Watched” something.

5. Facebook apps won’t keep asking “would you like to share” – a one-time per app permission will share stories on your behalf.
In a move designed to create what Mark Zuckerberg called “frictionless experiences” these new Open Graph apps would only ask permission to share one. If you’re ok with that.

The whole impression of the conference is that Facebook have reached their ‘twenties’ in their business life – they’ve had a play, and now it’s time to get down to work. Creative and still fun, but with the aim of making serious cash. In fact it’s rumoured that Facebook would earn $3.8 billion from advertising this year.

Facebook F8 Open Graph Timeline preview for developers

Facebook launched Timeline at this year's F8 Conference, it is now live for developers. Here's mine. Click the image to see how to do it!