Bear with me, as the new Facebook launch at Facebook’s F8 Conference is happening Live as I write this. But as a music lover, and a technology lover, the new Facebook Open Graph system, and their partnership with Spotify is one of the most important progressions in the music industry.

Being able to listen along, watch with, will be a powerful way to share passions with friends, even if they live in another country soon.

It’s been clear to me for ages that, as Mark Zuckerberg said, the key to the music industry making money is for people to discover NEW music – not to stop people from listening to it. The new Spotify App which will launch on Facebook soon will allow you to SEE the tracks which your friends are listening to right now. Not only that, but you’ll be able to ‘listen along’ too – real-time.

“…when somebody listens to track via any of the partner services, it will be published to people’s Facebook profile. The new offering is also expected to allow users of all of the different music services to listen to tracks regardless of the service provider…”  , Digital Media Editor, Telegraph

The single BEST way to discover new music, is to discover it through your friends. Transient trust is one of the most powerful assets Facebook has. Like it or not, studies have shown around an 80% increase in trust of content shared by a friend, than a stranger or flyer through the door. It’s obvious. It happens in real life.

Now sharing music used to mean going round a mates’ listening to tapes, records, CDs, whatever was ‘in’ at the time. But time has moved on. Social networks are the new share. And Open Graph along with media streaming services such as Spotify and Netflix allows this to happen, and allows it to happen with your friend. Watch along, listen along, SHARE.

To go along with this, the new buttons being launched on Facebook soon ‘Listened’ ‘Read’ and ‘Watched’ have MASSIVE implications for brand tie-ins. It uncoveres powerful ways to share what you love AND allow you to buy or stream it. Like renting a movie from Blockbuster used to be. Now you won’t just ‘Like’ it, you’ll have ‘Listend’ to a track. And with Faceboook Music and Spotify this allows some amazing opportunities to listen along, real-time.

Here’s Spotify’s partnership launch video…