swackett has challenged a convention.

Digital is great at many things. But what excites me most is the question “What COULD it do?” One of the latest Apps I’m testing, swackett®, is a fine example of a simple rethink into a common solution.

Weather forecasts arose in a time where people had time to digest and interpret the forecast. The weather forecast was on after the News, the weather forecast was on at breakfast, or the weather forecast was inside the newspaper you read before work. But fast-forward to 2011 and those free units are more precious now. Or even non-existent.

“How do we mediate the traditional thought process?”

Or rather “Is there a better way to do what’s already been done?”. This is what excites me in a digital age. How can we do better? If we were to reinvent something NOW – what would it do or look like?

One of such example is Swackett – which is the weather forecast for the time-poor and visually hungry.

Swackett translates the traditional forecast for you, and lets you know in visual terms “What do I need to wear today”? The process previously done over breakfast in your brain.

Here’s a link to the App in the Mac App store. It’s coming soon to the iPhone, iPad and every other device – so it can sync around your home and mobile office. Neat.

What’s your favourite re-interpretation of convention? How has digital shifted how we look at convention? Let me know in the comments below.