The new Christmas TV ad for John Lewis, featuring Ellie Goulding’s cover of the Elton John’s classic ‘Your Song’ hit our screens earlier this month. It follows the famous brand’s smash ad hit with Fyfe Dangerfield.

The retail giant are old hands at building brand familiarity. After all, one of the keys to repeat sales is familiarity, and one of the keys to familiarity are things which remind us of the ‘good old days’. With the latest TV spots they’ve done just that: They’ve combined those heart-string festive moments to remind us of the magic Christmas can bring with family (through rose-tinted spectacles which they no doubt also sell).

John Lewis understand that with the advent of online shopping, the only thing a store experience can offer extra is the dreamy Christmas experience we crave, those magic moments, those emotions. So with a hauntingly beautiful contemporary cover of a classic song, they duly deliver it wrapped up in an advertisement.

If you think about it, the contemporary cover of a classic song is nicely aligned – John Lewis are a brand which offer a contemporary take on familiar classic products. And also classic is that combination of a new hit song laid over good solid art direction with a dose of heart-string emotion. Ahh, that warm feeling… of advertising times gone by.

Oh, and it’s worth the wait for the full ad’s pay-off…