Smart Critiques. Stupid Creates. Diesel, Be Stupid.

The recent ad campaign from Anomaly London across digital and press for Diesel is far from Stupid. Let me just clear that one up right away before there’s any confusion as I move on.

Firstly what IS smart is the campaign’s big idea: Not conforming. Play for play’s sake. Just having a go. Seeing what happens. Act now, worry later. All these things appeal to an audience of both the youth, and youthful in mind.

What COULD be argued as stupid, as many have voiced, is the word ‘stupid’ itself. On the surface there appears to be a conflict between a strong core idea founded upon free-spirited hi-jinx, and the word ‘stupid’ – which implies just being a dick for the sake of just being a dick – not freedom from conformity and pre-established thinking (big words for a creative).

The planner and copywriter are the force behind this campaign, not the photographer or art director. So just ask yourself something – would Diesel’s latest advertising campaign be half as provocative, engaging or strong if the copywriter replaced ‘Stupid’ with something less direct such as ‘Liberal’ or ‘Alternative’? I think not.

Whilst running with ‘Stupid’ may seem stupid, it is, ironically, smart.

Smart Critiques. Stupid Creates. Diesel, Be Stupid.