By Adam + Dan

This week we’re taking over Graham’s blog. Not in true Dr Pepper style as Mum’s Net are probably too busy Google searching 2 Girls 1 cup.

But for now we have the power to write about anything we want. However, our first post is going to be about Twitter influence. Even though Graham said we were more popular than him, it’s not true. Truth is, there’s two of us, so we’re just more annoying.

Someone more annoying than us however is Justin Bieber who is the subject of many pranks just lately.

This year, we’ve seen a backlash against Justin Bieber who’s a few weeks ago was apparently being sent to North Korea as part of his world tour. Now it’s recently been release that the whole poll was a hoax with MTV saying “It was a spoof site and not a legitimate contest.”

This shows that just because you have a huge amount of followers on Twitter does not necessarily mean they are fans, or willing to interact via Social Media.

Although social media allows people to feel they are in control and have a free mind to choose, this can back fire. Aswell as ‘fans’ you’ll have enemies. Despite having 3,545,460 fans on his Twitter page alone, it took just ’65, 9141′ votes to send Justin Bieber to perform in North Korea in one of the latest pranks that happened recently. Now fake or not, you’d think that all those fans would be able to do something to combat the attack. Surely this question the power of social media over influence?