John Lewis Always A Woman UK TV advert

There have been few moments in my life where I’ve been emotionally moved by a piece of Advertising. In fact I could count them on one hand. But the first time I saw the latest John Lewis ad I was moved. I’ve purposefully not blogged it until now to be sure that it wasn’t simply the fact that recent events were playing their part on my emotions. I had to be sure this ad was as good as I felt It was.

It really is, here’s why…

The advert’s success has much to do with the way it connects through every moment in our lives. From Parents with young children, through young couples buying their first house, to grandparents enjoying their retirement and free time – the message rings truthfully and simply that John Lewis have and will be there throughout your life.

The emotional connection has struck a chord with most people I know. It brought Cat to tears. It seems to be the attachment we feel to the character. Whether that’s the occasions we remember from our past, identify with today, or look forward to in the future. It’s all in there – every positive life moment which we aspire to go through. This makes our mind feel good – which by proxy attracts us to the ad and most importantly to the brand.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen an advert that’s so beautifully made this emotional connection between the human mind, heart and brand.

To top it off – love – that thing which we either have and enjoy – or dream of having – is not only present in our heroine, but also in the gorgeous soundtrack by Fyfe Dangerfield‘s cover of Billy Joel‘s She’s Always A Woman. It really is a piece of lyrical gold – and selected to perfection complimenting an impeccable visual delivery.

Finally, have a read of some of the comments beneath The Making of the ad.

Agency: Adam & Eve

Copywriters & Art directors: Ben Tollett, Emer Stamp, Steve Wioland and Matt Woolner

Planner: David Golding