I first saw this Ad back in early March (Yeah, I SO did. So there) and meant to blog it then, but events meant I’ve not written much as a result since.

My head’s not been 100% in work until recently, but this PSA for SussexSaferRoads struck a raw chord. With what’s happened, I appreciate more than ever what a simple act such as wearing a seatbelt could do: Save your loved ones fighting the heartache of loosing you.

After my post on the UK’s Think! anti drug-driving advert, and the PSA for Gwent Police, It’s refreshing to see yet another good example of a PSA. Unlike the one for Gwent Police, this manages to pull of the emotional impact with a visual analogy instead.

What’s quite clever here is the use of his family’s desperation to hold on to his life as a visual metaphor. It’s a nice solid idea to demonstrate that your family would do everything to hold on to you. A nice job by Alexander Commercials.

SussexSaferRoads — 29 January 2010 — For all licensing and broadcast information visit: http://www.alexandercommercials.co.uk
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An original approach to road safety advertising from the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership.
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