So, we have an election coming up. Now despite Cameron’s posters being slated across blogosphere, and despite receiving over 2,000 spoofs of their new ads in 6 weeks, those blue-blooded Tories are ahead in the highly un-official, and unrepresentative measurement tool of ‘followers on Twitter’. Whilst many of us get chuffed when we gain followers, I’m pretty sure that David Cameron won’t be kicking back just yet.

What is interesting though, is that despite Twitter being used widely by traditionally Labour careers of media and communications, they’ve nearly TWICE as many followers as Labour, and thrice that of the Yellow team. See for yourself below. So, why do you think this is? Is this indicative of the forthcoming election? Is this simply down to wider coverage of the Tories’ posters, slated of otherwise? Or is it a genuinely better social media plan?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.