I’m a little late with this one (well late in the new ‘Twinstant’ age). Google splashed out a reported $5,000,000 for a 60 second spot during the recent Superbowl game.

The background:
Google’s refusal to advertise through ATL TV until now is testimony to its undisputed dominance of the search engine market, with latest figures hovering around a 70% share. With many predicting Microsoft’s Bing taking up an ever-increasing margin Google appeared to have gone with the biggest advert in the world in an attempt to obtain maximum reach and plug the gap.

The Big Idea:
Titled Parisian Love, the concept tracks our character’s journey from falling in love, right through to [well, if you’ve not seen it I’ll leave the pay off for now]. It’s a stunningly simple concept born out of a very realistic use. I’m a big fan of it, laying out it’s core services through an emotive narrative.

Does it work?
I belive so: Due to their track record of no TV advertising it’s hit the world’s blogs, tweets and conversations heavily. Much more than I’d expect an ad to do as part of an ordinary ongoing campaign. Let’s face it though – Google don’t really need to worry. I can’t see the phrase “Bing it” taking off for now.

I fully expect them to dominate for the time being, even if their cavernous gap to their competitors is narrowed slightly.

All in all it’s a lovely look at how something as rudimentary as a search engine can play its small role in bringing the world a little closer to us, and maybe, just maybe, helping two people fall in love. Overly romantic? Perhaps. I still love it though.