Pringle of Scotland have remained largely unchanged since their inception in 1815. In fact since Otto Weisz’s team created the signature Argyle pattern it has remained part of their collection ever since.

However the brand went through some very tough times, got bought out, and over diversified. They nigh-on collapsed. However another buy out saw them strip back again and re-focus firmly on their roots.

Two new films released for the brand in 2010 do the tricky job of highlighting a premium and historic brand in a thoroughly modern way. One retains the air of exclusivity and Mysterious Scottish beauty which has won them fond places in so many heart. The other re-introduces them to a classy, fashion conscious and youthful audience at the Milan Fashion Show – many of whom may not know of their illustrious history.

First off is their new ‘brand film’ by art photographer Ryan McGinley, starring the Academy Award winner Tilda Swinton. Then the wonderfully quirky animated short created by David Shrigley for the Brand’s return to the Milan Fashion show.