So, Dr Pepper have ‘done a flash-mob’. Nice, there’s nothing quite like a pastiche to raise a brand’s profile.

My 2010 rule for this blog was not turn it into an easy forum for slating ads and the agency’s intentions. Why? Well first because I believe that being positive with all you do leads to a happier life – I’ve not much time for negativity, and secondly I may end up working for an agency who’s produced an ad which I’ve slated.

Back to the point: Dr Pepper released a torrid ‘flash-mob’ ad on Youtube on Monday – a pastiche of the brand’s original 1978 ad featuring the same song and similar dance. Now back then in America, the ad apparently went down a storm – being suitably camp and jolly. For reasons yet unknown an agency thought it wise to produce a thoroughly modern ‘flash-mob’ version for 2010.

Firstly, hardly anyone will know of  the original who buys Dr Pepper. Secondly, it doesn’t replicate it well enough be ironic or a tribute. And thirdly, setting it on a Wall Street trading floor with the now senior singer from the original, surrounded by cheer-leading dancers looks VERY naff.

The original was a classic, I fear the new one won’t be looked upon quite the same. So far the new ad has received poor reaction. What’s your view?

The 1978 Original “Be a Pepper”

And the MUCH improved 2010 version: