I came across this via the insightful @aleceast. Go check his stuff out here, then come back. Please.

Back to the point of this post. ‘Få en bedre start på dagen’ Translated means ‘Have a better start to your day’. I can relate to this ad, as can most Britons of late, especially us coffee lovers. It’s for Norwegian Fuel station company Statoil. And it promotes their rather cool idea that “The Statoil Cup provides you with as much hot beverage you wish throughout 2010 on all of our stations in Norway. You can choose from coffee, tea, chocolate and our other hot beverages.The 2010 lid is your evidence that you can fill in as much hot beverage you want throughout the year.”

Nice. But the ad is better still. It’s just a shame it’s just for this bloody coffee cup. The promotion feels much weaker than the concept and delivery. I could see this working for VW with such a sweet pay-off.

Via @aleceast – Strategic Digital Creative. THBOOM / Ukoko.

Can anyone shed light on this ad’s creative team/agency?