A woman walks into a bar and asks for a double entendre, so the barman gives her one!

We all love a good double ententre, especially men. So it’s no shock that we find innuendo playing a huge part in young mens’ advertising. When you’ve been riding atop succcess for as long as Axe has, it can be very hard to stay on top and still perform. Somehow they manage to raise to the challenge every time and their new piece is no exception.

Combining obvious innuendo with crude humour, and featuring Jamie Pressley (as Monica Blake of My Name is Earl fame), this three-minute ad certainly has balls of it’s own as it wades through every double entendre you coud imagine featuring said topic. Just the ticket then for their target audience of smelly teenage boys. See how many you can spot to see if you’re mind is still as crude as a teens’.

Agency: BBH, New York