Most people don’t arrive here because they’re searching for something (that’d be a BIG mistake). No, they come for, er, well I’m not entirely sure. But thank you anyway to all those talented and vocal people across blogland and Twitter who’s made blogging here worth while. You know who you are, I’ve even drank beer with some of you (here’s to more of that for 2010).

So why DO people stumble across this through Google? Well, I’ve done a chart and everything. Here it is (I’ve amalgamated common terms):

Sorry it looks shit. I’m not a planner so I have NO idea how to use Excel or whatever it’s called.

Now the odd one is number 5 of 2009 – ‘Preteen model’. It pulled up the blog post I did about the impressive makeup and retouching skills in Vogue. The full list even included specific ages of people searching for models of. Maybe innocent, but it does make you wonder…

So the top spot went to one of the talents of ’09 Speech Debelle, and notable mentions also go to AdLand Suit for his Bronze medal, and the VERY talented new photographer, Cat Lane for making it into the top Ten in a list of nearly 75.