Well hello everybody. Welcome to GrahamCreative 2010. NEW. BETTER. FASTER. MORE BETTER. LESS BAD.

Yes I’m blogging again after my Christmas break. My language is just as poor, but as AdLand and RealMen have pointed out on oh-so-many occasions – I am an Art Director.

I had intended to end the year with a ‘Best Of’ post covering numerous categories. However a bunch of new pitches and new business for BMB, illness, family and living in the real world all conspired against me. I  know it’s a crap excuse, but again – I am an Art Director.

The first post of a new year is a scary one: What shall I write? How can I make it inspiring and insightful? Shall I throw in some revelations and predictions for what the New Year will bring?

No. There’s none of that. This is all you’re getting for now – a half-baked ramble, a photo of a woman screaming, and this. THIS. One of the single most inspiring films of the decade – one which never fails to inspire me, and a gem of the decade.