A little background before any reveal. Now AdLand Suit for those who don’t know, is an anonymous character who moves among you in Advertising circles around London. Self proclaimed Senior. Self proclaimed Top Ten agency type. The kind of chap that people who are none of the above would like to know.

Of course anonymity brings both good and bad. It certainly attracted more attention than if he’d been open about his identity. I even get around 5 people a day coming to this blog just to try and find out. Anonymity is a formula which has been played out by some of Britain’s best known comic books and films – the masked, mysterious types. It’s all down to our human nature of wanting to know more. Wanting to make sense of the unknown in it’s more natural survival form it’s how we’ve survived as a race.

But AdLand Suit’s popularity is not one some online fictional character. For those who’ve engaged with him online, he has brought us wit, advice, charm, X-Factor, swearing, but importantly a highly personable, approachable flow of words. He is a talented communicator if nothing else, and a genuine online friend. And those who have socialised with him in real life speak fondly of the man.

You see Twitter and blogs allow you to get to know people more than some may think.

I speculated and fanned the flames a while ago about who he may be. But now the time has come for  ***** to be revealed. Is he a bird? Is he a plane?

Find out who AdLand Suit really is by clicking here…