I’ve not been very insightful of late, so if you read this blog for that reason (which is a mistake) then skip this post. Comedy is the category for this one. If you want some up-to-date insight see this, this, this or this, or if you do want my insights, this.

Apparently the credit for announcing this should fall to @downatheel. But as I wasn’t following him, AdLand Suit, you, sir, made my day with your profanatory ReTweet:

@adlandsuit: I fucking LOVE this. RT @downatheel: A treat for Wednesday lunchtime. Gentlemanly hip hop played on a banjo. http://tinyurl.com/yzso9cs

Allegedly produced by the other half of @fivegalloncan, Paul McConnell and directed by Dave Alexander

On a similar hip-hop based vane, Brett Domino had a pop at chronicling Hip-Hop too. With similarly comedic results:

Well done all of you for bringing Hip-Hop to the twittering classes.