iSight + low bandwith = art, originally uploaded by Graham.Creative.

I’m a bit of a sucker for accidental or found art. Maybe it’s because I don’t have much faith in my own ability to create it, or maybe it’s because found art challenges our perceptions of what art is, and creates images which are truly unexpected, out of context, and therefore exciting.

The other night I was chatting to my more talented half in iChat, when bandwidth bandits forced this rather wonderful error. Now I’m not for a second suggesting that this is an improvement to my stunning girlfriend, but I do like the idea of Art created from these glitches.

Streetview art

In the same breath, art created from seemingly mundane things such as Google Streetview by Michael Wolf thows up exciting results, and requires artists to reappraise the way they use their talent. I’m a firm believer in making the most of a situation. Some people complain that Google invades our privacy; other’s create art from it. Some people see litter as a blight on our world; others see it as a fascinating glimpse of other people’s life. Some people see graffiti as vandalism; others see it as an expression. Some people see disabled people; others see past it or with it become an inspiration to others. In my situation less epic than these – I had a sluggish broadband moment; but It made me smile as the art unfolded before my eyes.

In summary the unstoppable progressin of technology and society is oppressive to some, but I for one find it’s unexpected results and our mistakes even more fascinating: Mistakes are good.

I can’t find my collection of brilliant links to some of the wonderful found and accidental art I’ve come across before. So if you wouldn’t mind posting anything you feel relevent, then maybe I’ll create a tumblr for it all.