Wonderfully planned, written and targetted ads for Dixons.  Splended end-line too “Dixons.co.uk. The last place you want to go.”

Creatied by M&C Saatchi, and using fonts from a number of popular London retailers before reverting to the Dixons type, they’re a cheaky reminder of a habit familiar to many of us with a spot of guilt – that we will play with and get advice about expensive electrics at a more upmarket store, but then nip online to a cheaper store to make the actual purchase.

A brave move by Dixons, with many citing that it serves to highlight the famous stores’ great service. Though there will always be those who prefer to pay over the odds for the environment and brand heratige of Britians’ oldest retailers, for the rest of us, it’s a helpful, and truthfull reminder of how many of us shop in reality. And puts the white-on-red brand of superior value top-of-mind.



Dixons tube card