” It has a joy and vitality and passion about it that it really does share with the previous winners”
Jude Rogers
Mercury judge

I feel a certain degree of bitterness across the web for Speech Debelle’s Mercury Prize award last nigh. Personally It enriches me; poetic ability strewn across orchestral and jazzy beats with powerful, reflective and often optimistic lyrics makes me feel positive. It gives me hope that great things can come from even the worst struggles.

For established bands, award and recognition is apparent daily. For someone who has genuinely had a rough time of it, finding her feet and making people happy though music, is worth this award alone. Even if that’s only 3000 people so far, and her album has not even appeared in the UK album chart yet. I see that changing soon.

Congratulations Speech Debelle, I’ve been encouraging people to listen to your work since I first heard ‘The Key’ on Zane Lowe‘s show last year. Enjoy it. And I look forward to the second album.

As she said last night,

”This proves if you believe in something and you think you can do it, you can achieve it.”
Speech Debelle speaking at the awards.