After my post on the UK’s Think! anti drug-driving advert, I was shockingly pleased to see the PSA for Gwent Police below. Without road safety ads focusing on the emotional torture and aftermath of a crash caused by reckless driving, the human psyche easily moves such images to the back-boiler. This ad actually upset me. Which is a first I think. It’s the reality of the talented girl’s acting, the screaming, the realisation of what she’s just caused: Her best mate dead, her friends covered in blood, carnage and whiring sirens, babies being cut out of cars around her. The phyiscs and reality of this were well researched, and it shows.

I strongly suggest that every sixth form and uni up and down Britain run this as part of induction week. So what if people find it upsetting? Car wrecks and destroyed lives are far worse I’d imagine. I hope to God I never find out…

Do the right thing Britain. Blog and tweet this right now.

According to Creative Review, it was directed by Peter Watkins-Hughes, a former BBC TV producer who is now a lecturer at the International Film School Wales. A number of his students also worked on the film and alongside plans to screen the short film in schools, a longer version of it is being considered for broadcast on the BBC.

I’ve huge respect for everybody involved with this. Especially the actors and director for it’s realism.