Much of internal marketing methodology is like looking after children – trusting them, and giving them ownership of a problem is as much a part of the process as education and instruction.

So does trust have to be earned? If there’s no trust to begin with how can you build on that without blind faith? A few of the big challenges I’ve been involved in here have involved change intervention or internal comms, and we’ve had some great success with it too with many clients, and part of our success in this area is helping businesses understand that trust is a huge part of success. You have to trust people to make the right decisions, and if you give clear achievable goals, and a clear route to small successes, then step change behaviour can happen.

This article by David Brock is well worth a read. It describes how he was brought in as an adviser on how to succeed, and without knowing, was doing the opposite of what he preached. When he started to offer trust along with the advice, they began to succeed: