Giving people personal responsibility for stuff has long been an effective way of changing behaviour and internal comms. It worked superbly for T5 at Heathrow but can it work for a task on the scale of helping the planet? I believe that starting small and personal is much better than thinking global right now. But there’s two sides to this as I’ll try to explain:

One – The earth will be here long after we’ve screwed our living conditions up

Two – Global warming is also due to the planet coming out of an Ice Age. That’s a fact. It started about 1.5 million years ago and Ice caps have to melt as we leave this age. Nothing we ever do, or could have done, will stop that. Human arrogance may fool us into thinking we can though.

Three – We’ve totally messed up how we treat the planet though. That’s also a fact. Rubbish, pollution, over population, over farming, over fishing, over development, etc etc. And our industry, historically, is of course partly responsible for this latter point. Packaging, advertising stuff we don’t need, and vast amounts of print. Now we all know that we need to advertise stuff, even if that means good causes, so finding sustainable methods, encouraging our clients to think green, and working smarter when it comes to media selection is crucial if we want our industry to evolve further. We’re the creatives. We can help!

I have a big passion for changing mindsets, engaging, influencing, and generating the ideas which do it . Social media and the digital world is seeing a resurgence in light of lower costs and low carbon footprints. I’ve seen the change – I was burning the midnight oil all last week because of it – and I embrace it. It’s a fascinating challenge we all face and I’m well up for it.

Our industry and personal responsibility is the subject of Creative Review’s Question of the Week. And they want your views. As do I:

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