I’ve just used these in a job for one of my clients at the Agency. Thought I’d share them:

One white rabbi, with brown ears. Found hopping on 3rd Avenue.
(Lost & Found, US Newspaper)

My last key role was as a plumbing and hating specialist…
(Travis Perkins job application)

He used his wench to pull his truck out of the ditch.
(Regional Newspaper)

We now offer some-day shipping.
(Leaflet for courier business)

Scarf and matching log warmers only £5.99
(Advert in fashion magazine.)

One man was admitted to hospital suffering from buns.
(Bristol Gazette)

The minister unveiled the church’s new charity campaign slogan last Sunday: ‘I’ve Upped My Pledge – Now Up Yours’.
(Church Newsletter)

Police chased the getaway cat for more than 40 miles.
(Daily Mail)

Please bear with us while we deal with our back bog.
(Letter from Northern Rock)

The man who has not been named, was taken to hospital where his penis was re-attacked by doctors.
(Sky News website)

My career goal is to shave my talents with a growing company.
(Job application for Tesco)