After reading CR, doing placements as part of their course as a few people on Creative Review’s site say, should be compulsory. The only point I’d add there, is that it’s just that, compulsory, and doesn’t always mean that you get the pro-active students – the ones who have nous and a drive. I’d prefer a grad to come along and say “hey, I really want to get stuck in and find out what it’s like” rather than have them ‘placed’. If they blogged their experiences too, and then submitted these to say, CR, it could open up a world of opportunity!

ADVICE… Get SEVERAL placements, get at least your expenses covered, and write about it!!! Twitter your time there so we can follow you, blog the photos of you making yet another coffee so we can comment on how we understand what it’s like + add your personality! You never know, you could even find yourselves in Creative review if it’s interesting, or, (coughs) Design Week (sorry CR). At the very least, you’ll have a story for a future agency, and dozens of new followers on your online!