Thanks to AgencySpy for this tip-off. And the bones of the words!

Erik Proulx was a Sr. Copywriter at Arnold Boston until he was laid off  last year. He then set up the Web site  PleaseFeedTheAnimals, which grew from simply being a blog on “how we all feel” into a full blown job board and resource for all things unemployment. Now Proulx’s new documentary film has come together on how people have changed their own lives, and turned being laid off into a positive thing.

Lemonade (lemonademovie dot com) is the film trailer you see here.

According to their synopsis, over 70,000 advertising sorts have lost their jobs during this recession. So Proulx hit the streets in search of ad-folks whose lives had changed for the better since losing their ad jobs. Top work. This looks to be both a fun, and uplifting piece of work.