Fun in the sun?

It’ll be far from being a holiday though.

I’m a Scout Leader in my spare time, so myself, five leaders and dozens of Scouts are off on our annual Summer camp! I really can’t wait – not only to help children become active, practical and confident young adults (and to be a big kid), but it’s also a real break from the working world. Don’t get me wrong, I love this industry, but getting away to a camp where you have no time to think about yourself, and being outdoors for a week under canvas is my idea of a perfect getaway. Some people choose a tropical beach, I’d rather get muddy, light fires and try and keep 30 hyperactive kids in check in the fresh air.

I’ll be doing the odd tweet, but I’ aslo running a blog on camp. Uploading hundreds of photos, and keeping parents up to date with the fun on camp.

It was a first for a scout group in the UK last year. And this year will be even better!