I’ll expand on this tonight, perhaps, but a few minutes ago, the Guardian Advertising section spoke of “A Bellweather that doesn’t ring true”. Telling of how our beloved IPA is absurdly positive, and when Lucy Barrett spoke to marketers, not a single person was positive about the near future. There’s a couple of important points to make until I prattle on more this evening.

Firstly, I’m positive. Yes my agency has been through the ‘mill’ when it comes to new business, but you know what? We’re still here. That’s positive. Secondly, creatives thrive, or should, on challenges. Perhaps I’m in a different position because I don’t have a family of microeatives to support, but I’m positive about all this cr@p. I think that trying to beat others, to work smarter not harder, to find savings for clients whilst still delivering blinding ROI creative looks like a worthwhile challenge to attack.

Secondly, are sweeping comments such as this true? “This lack of optimism on the client side reflects a belief that consumer confidence does not seem likely to reappear soon: no one is buying cars….” Really? I’ve heard this many times. NOBODY is buying. Well, firstly I don’t think my housemate is unique in buying a new car because 924,955 NEW cars have bee sold this year to date. Last year ALONE, ‘only’ 1,247,479 were sold, so 2009 is set to smash that figure. In fact 35,000 were sold through the Government’s scrappage scheme last month alone!

I’m also know for a fact, that Chevrolet enjoyed a 40% share increase in the new car market in May alone. Plus Overall sales for the month were up by 21.76 per cent against May 2008. In uncertain economic times people look towards getting the most from their money, and they’re evidently realising that if they buy a Chevrolet that’s exactly what they get.

So I’m off to work, positive about this week ahead. And you know what? Positive about this year ahead. I wonder just how ‘bad’ things would have been if articles such as this weren’t run?