I’ll try to keep this short. Firstly it all kicked off last night with me posting an experiment on twitter. Namely saying “Offering one day FREE hire of myself tomorrow for creative agencies. 6 Years of Ideas under me. Anyone keen?”

This was then re-tweeted by @adlandsuit , which was then picked up by Brand DNA’s bloggers, which was then tweeted by Stan Lee.

Since then, an unconnected post on Twitter from Crackunit (aka @Iain Tait CD of Poke London) talked about twitter haters, and the fact they’re largely wrong. Twitter, blogging and facebook, all do what humans long for and have done for centuries. Chat, gossip, rumour, and spread the word. We all do it. And some of us have our own ways. But going onto a blog to ridicule Twitter is being ironic. They’re doing what twitterers (or twits) do. Just talking.

Oh and the stats above, show the effect it had on my visibility on my blog alone!

My twitter is blogged